Off-Road Recovery in Dorset

We can recover all types of stranded vehicles and plant using our specialist off-road recovery equipment and vehicles.

We have a selection of winch-equipped 4×4 recovery vehicles including Land Rovers and pickups that enable us to rescue 4×4’s, cars, vans and other light commercials that find themselves stuck in off-road situations.

For more demanding work, we have our Foden 6×6 recovery truck. This truck has an amazing winching capability and can also lift 12.5t using its rotating crane. Combined, they become a formidable tool for rescuing stranded vehicles in awkward situations. Very useful when rescuing heavy plant or trucks in off-road conditions, this unit features:

  • 6×6 drive train
  • Diff locks all-round
  • Hub reduction axles
  • 25t rear winch (single line)
  • 10t front winch
  • Twin rear hydraulically operated earth anchors and bogie blocks provide stability for the vehicle while winching


  • A hydraulically operated main extending boom c/w a slewing crane with 220˚ of slewing angle & maximum lift capacity of 12,500kg @ 2.5m (5,800kg @ 7.7m).
  • Extending hydraulically operated telescopic outriggers provide lifting stability
  • Folding & extending under-lift
  • For safety and convenience, upgraded with the latest specification wireless remote control of recovery boom, slewing crane and rear winch.

Specified by the British army to recover all types of logistic vehicles, our Foden can climb, hold and restart on 33% gradients and, if required, provide a straight tow to 30t. It typically has a two-man crew, although this depends on the job requirements.

The Foden is ideal for the off-road recovery of heavy vehicles, and we have yet to be called to an incident that challenges its pulling power. However, it can be backed up by our other heavy recovery trucks as required.

Using the correct specialist recovery equipment, our professional operators will rescue your vehicle with as much care as possible, as quickly as we can.


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