BCP Parking Enforcement – Vehicle Removal

What to do if your vehicle has been removed

Your car will have been removed to a secure compound.

To find out how to collect your car, ring 01202 912949 between 9am and 6pm.

You will be able to make an appointment to collect your car between these hours and we will tell you where it is located. Collection is not possible without an appointment.

You will need to bring identification with you and provide payment before we will release your vehicle. Details can be found below.

Releasing your vehicle from the car pound

To secure the release of a vehicle that has been taken to the car pound, the vehicle owner will need to visit the pound in person and:

  • pay the removal charges
  • provide personal identification
  • provide proof of address

To release a vehicle from the car pound you will need to pay the total of the following charges:

  • £150 release fee
  • a vehicle storage charge of £20 per day (storage charges become applicable from midnight of the day after the vehicle was removed)

See the Council website for more information.


We are unable to help you with an appeal.

If you think that the PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) should not have been issued or your vehicle was wrongly impounded, you can appeal – but only after you have paid for the release of your vehicle from the car pound.

For more information about appeals and how to pay your PCN please see the BCP Council website:

How To Pay Or Challenge Your Parking Fine (Penalty Charge Notices)

Pound Opening Hours

9am – 6pm 

Collection is not possible
outside of these hours.

Who We Are

Bourne Transport are contracted to the BCP Council and have the authority to lawfully remove and impound vehicles as a civil enforcement agency.

Please understand that we act on the instruction and authority of BCP Council and do not decide which vehicles to impound.

Removal Requests

We are not able to remove vehicles without instruction from BCP council.

To report illegal parking or obstructions, please contact their parking team:

Bournemouth: 01202 451268 
Poole: 01202 262154 
Christchurch: 01202 795000