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Vehicle Transportation in Dorset and Hampshire

If you need a vehicle transported for any reason then please telephone us for a quote, we are vehicle transportation specialists.

Typically we are asked to move vehicles that have failed VOSA checks or large vehicles such as motorhomes or horseboxes that may not be easy to transport in any other way.

With our wide range of specialised recovery equipment and vehicle transporters, we are able to move your vehicle whether it’s mobile or not.

Our sliding axle recovery trailer is ideal for transporting large stranded vehicles throughout the UK and Europe.

  • Talbert 36,000kg sliding axle – Ample for most applications.
  • 6 degree loading angle – suitable for transportation of vehicles with a very low front profiles.
  • 10,000 Kg winch – generally more than enough capacity to winch vehicles on to the trailer, although we have other winching options available if required.
  • 49 foot long overall. 40 foot lower flat deck.
  • Coupled to our Volvo FH12 tractor unit

For vehicle movements that don’t require this capacity, we have large slide bed transporters which are capable of transporting lighter commercial vehicles and plant.

Contact us today on 01202 912949 for more details.

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Volvo tractor unti moving large motorhome
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